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Certain items need to be packed more carefully to avoid breakage. Here are some tips to help you pack your boxes like a pro.

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Books should be packed in small boxes. Place them vertically, with the binding of every second book facing up. Individually wrap any rare books.

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Get a wardrobe box to protect your clothing from dust and save time when unpacking. You can also fold your clothes and put them in a suitcase or a large box. Alternatively, you can use your dresser drawers for storage, but first put your clothes in small boxes for transport.

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Food and Spices

Seal any open boxes of food. Cover the holes in spice containers and place them in a small box before putting them into a larger box with other items. Wrap metal boxes with newsprint to prevent scratches and stains. Store liquids in a sealed jar, then place the jar in a sealed plastic bag.

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Kitchen Items

Individually pack your skillets, pans and small appliances. Place these in medium size boxes. Place a layer of newsprint between each pan and use several layers of newsprint for small appliances. Remember to drain the liquids from any devices and to pack any accessories with the proper devices.

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To prevent your silverware from tarnishing, keep it in an airtight container. If you have a suitable case for this, fill it with tissue paper or paper towel. Loose utensils should be individually wrapped or packed together in plastic bags or tissue paper.

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Artificial Plants

If you have an artificial floral arrangement, individually pack it in a box filled with tissue paper, paper towels or cotton. Secure the base of the flower arrangement to the bottom of the box.

Icône oeuvres d'art

Artwork, glass table tops and marble slabs

Get boxes designed for packing frames. We sell customized cases that are appropriate if your painting or your table top is very large. Wrap your item in three sheets of newsprint and pack the frame vertically. You can use blankets and towels to stabilize the picture or the glass or marble tabletop.

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Leave your carpets on the floor. If they have just been cleaned by a specialist, leave them rolled up.

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Grandfather clocks must be packed by an expert who will dismantle your clock then reassemble it upon delivery. This will prevent any breakage during transport.

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Remove the lampshade, harp and bulb. Pack the base of the lamp vertically in a dishware box. Pack the lamp’s accessories in the same box, taking care to fill the empty space. Remember to wrap the shade in tissue paper or newsprint to avoid stains. Protect the shape of the lampshade by packing small pillows or towels around it so it will not get bent.

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Mattresses and Box Springs

Remember to obtain boxes to protect your mattresses and box springs. Fold your sheets and place them in another, clearly identified box so they are easy to find when you arrive at your new home. You can also use your blankets, sheets and towels to stuff other boxes.

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Attach any long-handled garden tools together with tape or rope. You can also do this with your brooms, mops and curtain rods. Remember to empty the fuel and oil tanks of all motorized equipment.

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Simply pack toys in a large, sealed box. You don’t need to wrap them in newsprint or to stuff the box.

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